Trademark Filed: Will the Upcoming Acura ADX be an All-Electric SUV?

We suspect that – IF – the Acura ADX is a crossover, it may be all-electric. It may share the new Acura styling cures as well – like this concept MDX. (Image: Acura)

Recently, the trademark for the (Acura) ADX name was filed by Honda at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

The Acura ADX may be coming your way soon, but we’re unsure what that name actually represents. If you look at the Acura-speak nomenclature for their crossovers, RDX and MDX; the “DX” part of the name is aimed at crossovers. Their sedans, the TLX and ILX are obviously different. On top of that, we know that Honda/Acura are building EV crossovers, and that people want EV crossovers.

We also know that Honda and Acura have a partnership with General Motors to use their Ultium powertrain/battery motivator to build their two all-electric crossovers/SUVs. If you look at the most popular EV vehicles currently sold in the United States, the top sellers are dominated by EV crossovers. That’s why we expect the Acura ADX to be an EV.

There’s more: Recently, Honda teased their own model, called the Prologue. We suspect that the Acura ADX may be the all-electric companion.

This is the Honda e SUV concept, which is believed to be related to the upcoming Honda Prologue EV. (Image: Honda)

Given the Ultium’s skateboard design, and the fact that production vehicles with this platform are beginning to be produced, we suspect that borth Honda and Acura will have test vehicles on the road very soon. It’s reasonable to assume that the Acura ADX – IF – it’s the EV crossover we suspect it is, will be higher performing than its Honda brethren.

Now, there is another possibly regarding the Acura ADX underpinnings: it could be based on the upcoming Honda HRV, which has a new platform. If that’s the case, it will represent the smallest crossover in Acura’s fleet – and it may be a hybrid.

We should know more very soon!