Car Sales During The Pandemic: Check Out TFL’s Broadcast With Colorado Public Radio

Check out CPR's Friday broadcast

Image: Colorado Public Radio — Click the image to check out the broadcast!

Colorado Public Radio invited Roman Mica, Nathan Adlen and Tim Jackson, Colorado Automobile Dealer’s Association, for a chat.

Colorado Public Radio, (“CPR” KCFR) broadcasts on several radio stations throughout the state of Colorado, including satellite programming. Host Nathan Heffel invited us to talk about the current automotive industry on the program “Colorado Matters.” It was a round table discussion, and we filled the airwaves with our unique opinions.

At a time when dealerships around the country are experiencing a serious lack of inventory, some resort to “market increases,” or “market adjustments.” Nathan Heffel brought us on because we (Roman and Nathan) are objective. We were more than happy to point out the current state of the market. Tim Jackson represents the dealers of Colorado.

We’ve worked together in the past, but we’ve debated many times in the past.

The main topic on Colorado Public Radio revolved around dealerships & pricing

After posting several written posts, and plenty of videos regarding price gouging, there’s a lot more to say. It truly is about the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). There have been a massive amount of fans who responded to our reporting with their own examples of pricing over the MSRP.

Jackson pointed out there there are dealerships that are playing nice, and are keeping prices at, or below. the MSRP. He also talked about many dealerships’ sales numbers, which are rising. Still, he was willing to admit that some dealerships are rather exorbitant with their additional fees.

We all agreed that dealerships that do right by their customers, keeping pricing reasonable, deserve recognition.

Click here to check out the broadcast. There are several carriers for Colorado Public Radio, many (other than KRCC) are listed below.

Listen in and let us know what you think!

Speaking of dealerships’ market adjustments