Video: I Take A 1,300-Mile Rural South Dakota Road Trip In The New Land Rover Defender — Do I Make It Home?

Here's the first long-distance trip.

Video: I Take A 1,300-Mile Rural South Dakota Road Trip In The New Land Rover Defender — Do I Make It Home?
Image: TFLcar
We had high hopes for the new Land Rover Defender that Roman and Tommy first acquired, but reliability was a major issue. Tommy road trips their 2020 Defender across rural South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming.

Fingers crossed as Tommy takes his new Land Rover Defender on a 1,300 mile road trip. He, and a friend sojourn to South Dakota driving a vehicle that has questionable reliability. Still, Tommy is intrepid and wants to see the wonders of Mother Nature as he rolls in comfort. In this video, he visits a variety of locations, beginning with Sylvan Lake in the Badlands of South Dakota.

After penetrating an impossibly tight rock tunnel, Tommy heads to Needles Highway, a scenic byway through Custer Park. Heading back to find some dinner, Tommy encounters a wild animal… of sorts. Once in his cabin, Tommy and co. roast complimentary marshmallow s’mores. This cabin was quite a deal, and we get a quick tour.

Later on, Tommy and the Defender soldier on to Mount Rushmore, and play in the dirt on a few off-road trails. After that, they journey to the Badlands. You see where this is going? Yep, Tommy is giving us an exciting travel and adventure video!

With the new Land Rover Defender – is third time the charm?

Everyone at TFL Studios likes the new Land Rover Defender. It is remarkably good off-road, extremely comfortably on road, and it is a cool looking thing too. Up close, in person, the new Range Rover Defender is a sight to behold. Perhaps that’s one reason many of us want the vehicle to succeed. If it weren’t for its significant reliability issue, it would rank as one of the best SUVs we’ve driven.

This Land Rover has the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six cylinder engine. With 400 horsepower, a mild-hybrid system and serious 4×4 capability, it sells itself as a jack of all trades. That said, this is our third Defender. Yep, we had major issues with the first two, and this model kind of landed on us after our patients was pushed. You can read all about our reliability woes, which we covered at length a few months ago.

Fortunately, this model seems to be pretty stout. No major issues to speak of so far.

Can Tommy make it back without a call to AAA? Watch on and find out!