Folks Are Already Trying To Sell Their 2021 Ford Bronco Reservations — Don’t Fall For It

Keep your wits about you and you won't get screwed

Where there are new car launches (especially hot ones like the Bronco), there will always be those looking to make a buck. (Photos: Ford)

If you want a Bronco, keep your head and your patience about you.

While we were doing our usual sleuthing through a certain online classifieds site, we happened upon a listing that got our blood boiling a bit. Sure, some of you will be able to spot the red flags in this post right away. I completely understand if some of you are just dying to jump the queue on a Bronco, though. For those folks, I want to take a moment to explain why you shouldn’t do it.

Side story: I’m an enormous computer nerd. When I’m not in the TFL office, odds are I’m gaming it up at home or looking for some sick new parts to deck out my personal PC. As the COVID pandemic continues to throttle global supply chains, getting certain components are next to impossible right now. Unless you hit up a scalper — someone who did manage to get their hands on an extremely limited supply, then turned around and sold it for a huge markup. I paid way more than I should for a brand new graphics card, but damn it I wanted it. And I’ve been feeling a pang of buyer’s remorse ever since.

We all know what it’s like to want something hot, but the key difference with my transaction is I got an actual product. This is different: the guy here is selling their Bronco reservation for $1,200. “You pay me for my reservation and order everything you ever wanted,” it says.

A better option: Reserve your own Bronco (or buy the actual car)

If you weren’t aware, there are multiple issues to think about if you come across an ad like this. Focusing on the ad itself, the “seller” doesn’t provide any concrete information they actually have a reservation. Just a vague statement, “I was one of the first people to order the NEW Bronco and I now want something different!” With regard to that second statement — really? You want something different?

Even if that were true, there are a few things to know about the reservation process itself. First, each prospective buyer places the order through their franchise dealer, not directly through Ford. That said, Ford does couch a few different clauses in its terms and conditions that ensure you cannot transfer your reservation. If you come across someone trying to sell their build slot, be aware that, just as you can cancel your reservation for any reason, the dealer can also drop the reservation for any reason. The most direct portion in the conditions says, “You may not transfer or assign your Reservation or any other rights under these Terms and Conditions.”

That’s pretty boilerplate stuff, but it can be easy to forget that in the heat of the moment. On that basis, I wanted to put out a “buyer beware” PSA in case you encounter posts like this. While you won’t be at the front of the queue, you can still place your reservation for a 2021 Ford Bronco. All trims but the First Edition are available — you’ll just have to wait longer for it.

Now, if someone’s selling their actual Bronco once they get it, that’s a different story. Dealer markup is painfully real, and some private sellers may try to turn a quick buck. Again, I still advise waiting it out and getting a better deal, but at least at that point you know what you’re buying if you decide to spend a few extra thousand to get a Bronco early.