Dodge Kicks Off Durango SRT Hellcat Production, Will Build 1,420,000 Horsepower’s Worth Of Mega-SUV

Soon nearly 1.5 million horsepower will be roaming the road under the hoods of 2,000 Hellcats

Dodge Kicks Off Durango SRT Hellcat Production, Will Build 1,420,000 Horsepower's Worth Of Mega-SUV
It’s expensive, it’s thirsty and it’s insane…but that doesn’t stop you wanting one, does it? (Photos: Dodge)

The Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat is hitting full-scale production.

There’s some change you’ll see this 710 horsepower beast of an SUV in your town. Now that Stellantis (formerly FCA) kicked off production at its Jefferson North plant in Michigan, the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat is on its way to the first customers. Just 2,000 examples will leave the factory, each carrying a price tag starting at $82,490. “The Dodge Durango Hellcat joins Charger and Challenger at the pinnacle of performance, and today’s start of production in Detroit deserves a spot on every enthusiast’s calendar,” says Dodge brand CEO Tim Kuniskis.

The first examples will arrive at dealerships in a few weeks. If your local franchise happened to catch an allotment, there is still some chance you can buy one. However, I’d keep an eye out for the dreaded dealer markup if you really have your heart set on the most powerful SUV around. The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 under this Hellcat’s hood just ekes out the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, while putting out a little bit less than the Challenger or Charger. Trust me, though, over 700 horsepower in a three-row SUV is plenty. That’s not to mention the noise, which is utterly, utterly, utterly fantastic.

Back in 2018, I laughed like a complete idiot the entire first half hour I drove the Trackhawk. And yeah, it wasn’t any different here. In fact, I laughed even harder because hauling six people along for some high-performance shenanigans is even more insane. Like driving any of the other Hellcats, that power is more approachable than you might think as well. Since you do have all-wheel drive at your disposal here, the Durango SRT Hellcat just grips and goes. “Goes” doesn’t even feel appropriate — “launches” is more like it. Especially if you use the launch control, the blood will rush to the back of your head as nearly three tons of mass hurtles toward the horizon.

Anyway, if you aren’t getting into one yourself, keep your eyes peeled (and ears perked) for one of these while you’re out in about. Odds are you’ll hear it before you see it.