Dodge Revives Classic Gold Rush Color For Some 2021 Models

Gold Rush last emerged on the 50th Anniversary Edition

(Photo: Dodge)

If you look over all the different options for a Dodge Challenger, one of the most entertaining points is picking an exterior color. While the car itself has been around for quite a few years now, Dodge does at least give its buyers interesting options not just when it comes to power, but also when you want to break away from the endless sea of white, black, silver and gray dreariness that has taken over most popular cars. To that end, you get colors like Hellraisin purple, Go Mango, F8 Green and — returning for the 2021 model year — Gold Rush.

That color first emerged on the 50th Anniversary Edition Challenger, celebrating the model’s “golden” anniversary. It proved to be such a popular choice, though, that FCA is expanding it beyond that one trim. In 2021, you’ll be able to order the challenger in Gold Rush if you opt for a T/A, T/A 392, SRT Hellcat or SRT Hellcat Redeye model. Spring for either SRT version, like the one shown above, and you’ll get a hand-painted Satin Black hood, roof and decklid as well.

As before, the 2021 Dodge Challenger offers the same sort of variety across colors, powertrains and options you’ve come to expect in the 2020 lineup. The one notable recent addition is the 807 horsepower SRT Super Stock. That bumps up the power to near-Demon levels (though it’s not a huge jump on the Hellcat Redeye), while also fitting fat drag strip-ready tires.

2021 Challenger models will hit dealers in the coming weeks.