Check Out The New BMW 4 Series Convertible — Would You Take It Over The Coupe?

Here's what you need to know about this second-generation model

This is the second generation of the BMW 4 Series Convertible, as the design makes obvious.

New design language notwithstanding, there is a ton of new tech and power to make the new BMW 4 Series Convertible compelling. According to BMW, it has more power, torque, performance and style.

Power and performance

BMW says that all of the new 4 Series Convertible get a power and torque increase over the previous models. The 430i and 430i xDrive Convertibles gets an updated (B46) 2.0-liter 4-cylinder BMW TwinPower turbocharged engine that makes 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. According to BMW, the 430i Convertible accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds.

The M440i and M440i xDrive Convertibles, on the other hand, get BMW’s B58 3.0-liter inline six engine. Stepping up to that powertrain gets you makes 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. It also shaves nearly a second of the 0-60 time, as the automaker says it comes up in 5.0 seconds in the rear-wheel drive model. Performance numbers for the xDrive models have yet to be announced.

Opt for the M Sport suspension (it’s standard on the M440i models), and you get stiffer spring, bushings and mounts, firmer anti-roll bars and more negative wheel camber to improve handling.

All BMW 4 Series models use an 8-speed automatic transmission.


Obviously, there’s a new design language BMW has implemented. These changes are more than cosmetic, BMW is changing the shape and size of their vehicles as well. The new 2021 4 Series Convertible is 5.2 inches longer (5.3 inches for M440i models), an inch wider and 0.1 inches taller in height.

The new BMW 4 Series Convertible rides on a 1.6 inch longer wheelbase than its predecessor, while the front track has increased by 1.5 inches for more stable handling.

Aerodynamically, the new 4 Series Convertible has improved over its predecessor thanks to the new soft-top, a nearly sealed under-body and several improved aero aids such as air curtains and air flap control.

New convertible top

The new convertible top is lighter and stronger than the old top. It is also more aerodynamic and faster to operate. They are available in two colors: standard black and an optional Moonlight Black. Opening and closing the soft-top takes 18 seconds and can be performed at up to 31 mph.

According to BMW, “the compact dimensions of the folded soft-top increase cargo area to 9 cubic feet, an increase of 1.2 cubic feet over the previous 4 Series Convertible.”

The new BMW 4 Series Convertible will launch in March 2021 with the RWD variants, while the xDrive models will go on sale in July. Pricing starts at $53,100 for the 430i Convertible, excluding the $995 destination fee.

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