Jessi Combs Officially Becomes The World’s Fastest Woman After Guinness Posthumously Recognizes Her 522 MPH Run

Combs died during her record-setting run

At 841.338 kilometers per hour, or 522.783 mph, Jessi Combs is now officially the world’s fastest woman. Although she tragically lost her life in a crash during the record-setting run in August 2019, Guinness World Records posthumously awarded her the title. In the record listing, Guinness noted that Combs is the first person to break the record in over 40 years.

She broke the record in the Alvord Desert in Oregon on August 27, 2019. Previously, racing driver Kitty O’Neil held the record, set in 1976 on the same dry lake bed at 512.710 mph.

Of course, Combs was known for much more than just this record. She was the first woman to place in the off-road King of the Hammers race, and she took home a Class 10 and Class 7 podium finish in the Baja 1000 race in 2011 and 2015, respectively . She was also a television personality, having appeared on shows like “Extreme 4×4“, “Overhaulin’” and “All Girls Garage”. She was also a fabricator and builder on “Mythbusters” in its seventh season.