How Much Faster Are All-Season Tires Than Snow Tires? Let’s Find Out!

This video is sponsored by Nexen Tire

This video is sponsored by Nexen Tire. Visit to find a Nexen Tire dealer near you and more on the all-new Roadian GTX tire for your CUV/SUV.

We always recommend fitting winter tires over traditional all-seasons when the snow begins to fall. The tire compounds, tread patterns and other design considerations play a massive role when it comes to keeping control when the temperatures drop below freezing, but how do snow tires actually affect performance in normal driving conditions? Thanks to our friends at Nexen Tire who sent over their new Roadian GTX all-seasons, we can see not only how well they perform on a current-generation Honda Pilot, but also how much of a difference all-seasons make versus snow tires in typical driving conditions.

In the video above, we take on a few different tests to see how different these tires actually are. Road noise, straight-line acceleration, on-road performance (at the IMI Motorsports track) and off-road performance are all in play for the Roadian GTX here.

More on the Nexen Roadian GTX:

Nexen says it offers the Roadian GTX grand touring all-season tire on 90 percent of the most popular crossover and SUV sizes. If you do decide to give the tires a try, the company also backs the tires with a 45-day/500-mile money back guarantee.

The Nexen Roadian GTX tire sports a fairly long-lived 680 A A treadwear rating, and comes available in 34 sizes ranging from 17-inch to 22-inch wheels. Depending on the configuration, the tires are available in up to W speed rating, which is rated up to a 168 mph. They’re also available in H and V speed ratings:

  • H speed rating: Up to 130 mph
  • V speed rating: Up to 149 mph
  • W speed rating: Up to 168 mph

The Roadian GTX comes with a 70,000-mile warranty, as well as 36 months of roadside assistance availability from the date of purchase. Check out more on how they perform in the video above, and look up a dealer near you if you’re interested in buying a set yourself.

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