New Ford Patents Could Show New Details For The 2021 Ford Bronco, Including Its Removable Roof

[Photos: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office]

Three new patents could flesh out details for the new Bronco.

Patent applications give us some insight on where an automaker may be heading, but the details aren’t always set in stone. Upon coming across these recently published documents, though, Motor1 could have spotted more details for the upcoming Ford Bronco SUV. The filings show details for a new grille design, removable roof and roof rack that could make its way to Ford’s long-awaited Bronco revival.

Of course, none of these patent applications say, “we are developing this system for the Bronco,” or any other model explicitly. Although with what we’ve seen so far and what the new Ford Bronco is competing against, it’s tough to argue these patents are meant for anything else. The removable roof panels are the most significant among the drawings here, showing Ford’s goal of an open-air driving experience. These drawings do also point toward the ability to remove the roof completely, as past drawings have also shown.

The second one is also interesting, as it shows a modular grille assembly. That in itself may not mean much, but the drawing does show a factory integrated winch. That would be a feather in Ford’s cap, since you can’t get a winch as a factory option on the Wrangler, or any other vehicle short of a heavy duty truck. Even for buyers who don’t get that option, an interchangeable grille opens the door for other aftermarket modifications. The last patent shows a removable roof rack, which may be an odd option depending on how it works with the removable roof panels.

As always, all or none of these patents could make their way into Ford’s final Bronco design. We’ll have to wait and see, and until then the rumors will continue to swirl. Stay tuned to for more updates!