Volkswagen Settles $96.5 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Gas Fuel Economy Claims

The lawsuit affects 2013-2017 models.

While Dieselgate still lingers in our collective minds, as does the massive fine implications, Volkswagen just announced a settlement of a class action lawsuit surrounding fuel economy claims for its gasoline engines. Approximately 98,000 of these 2013-2017 model year cars were sold or leased in the United States, had a discrepancy of one mile per gallon in their fuel economy ratings.

As part of the settlement, Volkswagen will compensate class members who file a claim. Eligible owners will receive payments ranging from $5.40 to $24.30 for each month they’ve owned or leased the vehicle. Volkswagen says it will also adjust its Greenhouse Gas credits to account for any excess credits it received from the fuel economy discrepancy.

The adjustment is subject to approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. The court also has to give its preliminary approval, and Volkswagen will not admit any wrongdoing or liability under the terms of the settlement.

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