This Is How To Get A Tesla Model 3 Performance Under $50,000: Report

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That’s a far cry from its earlier $69,000 price tag.

In recent weeks, Tesla has dropped some models, shifted their range around and changed up the prices. Now, with the most recent price shift, you have a cheaper shot than ever at the Model 3 Performance — for less than $50,000.

Just last year, owners could order a Tesla Model 3 Performance for $69,000 before available incentives. An Electrek report notes, however, that Tesla quickly dropped the base price by $5,000 shortly after. What’s more, they unbundled certain features, instead offering a $5,000 “Performance Package.” That includes 20-inch performance wheels, a carbon fiber spoiler, lowered suspension, performance brakes, aluminum alloy pedals and a higher top speed. After that, Tesla dropped the price tag, offering the package for free.

Enter 2019, and Tesla just dropped the starting price once more to $54,990. That’s what the price is right now, but there are ways to drop the price even lower than that.

Requesting 18-inch wheels lowers the price from the standard 20-inch wheels, while keeping the other options from the ‘Performance Upgrades Package’.

How to get under $50,000

Basically, you can drop the standard 20-inch performance wheels on request. Tesla only talks about changing the wheels as an option, but you still get the other performance upgrades. Feasibly, say Electrek‘s sources, that will get the price down to $49,990.

That likely won’t sit well with those folks who paid nearly $20,000 more for a substantially similar car just a year ago. However, if you’re in the market to buy one now, this may be the right time to buy. Tesla is currently pushing to build and sell more and more units, driving the frequent shifts in available models, as well as their prices.

Speaking of Tesla Model 3 Performance, check out this video of just how quick it is below: