Ford Trademarks “Bronco Outer Banks,” “Big Bend” and “Wildtrak”

A Bronco test mule caught on film. Remember: that shell is just for testing the internals. We expect the real thing to look a bit retro and square.

The Ford Bronco should emerge next year.

Anticipation grows for both the Ford Bronco and “baby Bronco” as they now have several (possible) new names. Recently, Motor1 and Ford Authority discovered that Ford applied for several new names in July 2019 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The newest additions include the “Bronco Big Bend” and “Bronco Outer Banks.”

Those names, presumably for special editions of the upcoming truck-based Bronco, follow a huge list of other names filed early in July and in months prior. Many journalists and fans assume the list of names below will be connected to what many call the baby Bronco.

This is the Ford “Baby” Bronco test vehicle. [Photo: TFLcar]

On July 22, “Wildtrak” was filed and earlier, “Maverick,” “Scout,” “Bronco Scout,””Bronco Sport,””Adrenaline” and “Badlands” were requested. While the baby Bronco is a crossover-based off-road vehicle, it stands to reason that there would be several trim levels and packages to compete with the Jeep Renegade and Compass.

With the larger Ford Bronco, there are several rumored variants including a three-door, five-door, pickup truck and three-row large SUV version. Unlike the baby Bronco, the full-size Bronco is based on a (Ranger) platform and will share many components with Ford trucks.

Who knows what Ford’s truck-based Bronco and Ford “Baby” Bronco will actually be named and what they will look like? We kind of hope they both have a vibe similar to the original.
[Photo: TFLtruck]

Ford is now seriously testing both vehicles and we are progressively getting a better idea of what to expect when they hit the market, starting next year. In time, we will be bringing you a lot more information on both vehicles.

Stay tuned!