You May Be Cool, But You’ll Never Be James Bond Driving An Aston Martin Valhalla Cool

This is the car Daniel Craig will reportedly drive in Bond 25

Aston Martin Valhalla
Aston Martin’s next hypercar will be called the ‘Valhalla’, which is a pretty awesome name. [Photo: Aston Martin]

We’d expect nothing less for 007.

You may know this car as the Aston Martin AM-RB 003. If you don’t, we’re sure you know the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the hypercar upon which this is based. Now, the company has officially renamed it the Valhalla, after the legendary hall which Viking warriors travel to upon their death in compact. The name makes sense, as Vikings are led to Valhalla by valkyries. Even if it didn’t make sense, it’s still a badass name.

The Aston Martin Valhalla will be a mid-ranged, mid-engined model. It will sit under the Valkyrie in the brand’s supercar lineup, but above the upcoming mid-engine Vanquish. Surprisingly, it does not get some derivative of the Valkyrie’s Cosworth-developed 6.5-liter V12. Instead, this car gets a turbocharged hybrid V6 powertrain, developed in-house by Aston Martin.

There’s no word on how much power it produces, but Aston Martin did disclose how many it will build. The company will build just 500 examples of the carbon fiber hypercar for the whole world.

What’s more interesting, however, is the car’s potential appearance in the next Bond movie. The still-unnamed flick will see the Valhalla, according to If it does appear, it would replace the unique Aston Martin DB10 we saw in Spectre.

The article’s author, Ray Massey, claims this will be the next headline Bond car, but Aston Martin did not officially say it was. However, as our friends over at Jalopnik pointed out, Aston Martin President and CEO Andy Palmer did retweet Massey’s article. That lends it some credibility, at least, though we’ll have to wait and see what Aston Martin or Eon Productions, the firm behind the official Bond movies, has to say about that.

According to the ThisIsMoney article, two other Astons will also make their appearance in Bond 25. The first is a car we all expect to show up in every movie since Skyfall, the classic Aston Martin DB5. The second is a 1987 V8 Vantage, first used in The Living Daylights, starring Timothy Dalton as 007.

Supposedly, the bad guys in Bond 25 will be driving the new Land Rover Defender. We haven’t seen that car out of camouflage yet, and Land Rover is set to reveal it in September. Bond 25’s release date is currently slated for April 2020.