2019 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport: A Top Of The Heap Luxury Sedan That Makes You Feel Special

It's a class act, despite its few flaws

(Photo: Nathan Leach-Proffer)

I had a difficult time leaving the stylish interior of the Genesis G70 3.3T when my drive was over. Not only is it one of the most beautiful interiors out there, it resides in one of the most enjoyable sports sedans in its class. Seriously, this award-winning car is a marvel.

While $50,495 may seem expensive to a vehicle that’s related to the Hyundai automotive family, it’s much less expensive than other competitors with the same content with similar performance. In fact, forget those other guys (yes, I mean BMW and Lexus) — this car is better than theirs in many ways.

The proof is in the driving experience.


The 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T packs a twin-turbocharged, 3.3-liter 365 horsepower V6 with 376 lb-ft of torque. To make the most of that power, this engine comes mated to a responsive eight-speed automatic transmission. There is also a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo that’s available with a slick six-speed manual transmission.

All-wheel drive is an available option as well, but not with the four-cylinder/manual transmission combo. So, the Genesis offers standard fare for its class, and a crowded class at that. The G70 sedan faces off against the Lexus IS, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and S4, Cadillac ATS, Infiniti Q50 and the Mercedes C-Class.

Performance-wise, the G70 is near the top of the heap.

I like it better without the AWD system. It’s even more toss-able and it leans far less. However, that system does add security to the driving experience. Despite wearing performance tires, it was completely composed in the rain at high velocity. The steering feel, something lacking in many competitors, was outstanding.

The planted performance and solid highway ride both felt world-class. Add to that the serene overall commuting feel and you have a new benchmark in its class.

[Photo: Genesis]

Interior and exterior excellence

First of all, you need to understand that the design team that worked on the G70 (both internally and externally) worked with Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors to name a few. They built a car that, while mild-mannered to look at (at first) presents a strong and handsome design.

The interior is absolutely exquisite. It is my favorite interior design – period. It competes with, and surpasses the Lexus IS, BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class to name a few. Everything feels expensive. Nearly all the components look like they were sourced by a Swiss watchmaker. The only down side is the touchscreen infotainment display. It is not the best looking or most responsive, and the screen itself doesn’t look like it fits with the rest of the upscale interior of the Genesis G70.

Bottom line: the interior makes you feel special – which is the best endorsement I can give it.

(Photo: TFLcar)

There were a few other negatives

While the 2019 Genesis G70 has similar dimensions to the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the G70 feels a lot heavier. It drives heavier. There is more body lean and it dips a bit more when hammered. With a maximum cub weight of 3,887 lbs (with AWD), it is actually pretty heavy. As a result, the Genesis G70 3.3T Sport managed a mediocre 20 mpg combined in its all-wheel drive form during our test. The rear-wheel drive tester didn’t manage much better, getting 21 mpg combined. Not exactly stellar.

The back seat is a bit cramped for large and tall people. Finally, I would like to hear more exhaust note given the vehicle’s sporting character. Just a bit.

Final thoughts

My time driving the Genesis G70 3.3T Sport was all too brief. Working with Rocky Mountain Redline, I attended a driving event that gave me wheel time on amazing roads. The Redline Rally allowed me to drive the G70 on some of the most amazing roads you’ll find in the United States.

The Genesis G70 looks pretty sharp from this point of view – no? (Photo: TFLcar)

It was brief — but epic.

There is a good reason why the Genesis G70 has garnered so many awards. In nearly every sense, it damn well deserves them. I hope to find a way to get more wheel time in each model they produce… something I would never say about most luxury sedans.