Do You Want A 1,000 Horsepower Hellephant Crate Engine? Too Late – It Sold Out In Two Days

Well, that was fast.

It seems like only yesterday — because it pretty much was — that we covered the news of the 1,000 Hellephant crate engine’s pricing. For $29,995 (plus taxes), you were able to get this massively powerful engine in your project rig. The keyword there is, “were“. Allpar reported that, as of late last week, the engines were all sold out.

This one sort of beggared belief, as we didn’t expect it to sell out quite so quickly. After all, this is just an engine that costs, by itself, more than a Ford Edge. However, an FCA representative did confirm the news. “Given the high demand and the hand-built, time-intensive build process, we have closed preordering for the 426 Hellephant Supercharged HEMI crate engine. Based on preorders, the engine sold out in just two days.” FCA did announce that the site would stay up and customers could “receive future information and updates” on the Hellephant engine. So, the company may be considering expanding the production run.

Hellephant 426 HEMI V8

It’s not clear exactly how many engines were produced. Mopar likely did not produce very many of these 1,000 horsepower Hellephants at nearly $30,000 each. Industry insiders told Allpar that they only produced around 100 engines, but that is not an official figure.

It will definitely be interesting to see what sort of monstrous project cars this engine ends up in. It’s also likely a few of these crate engines will end up back on the market before they ever end up in an engine bay. Those lucky enough to pull the trigger on a Hellephant before it sold out could probably flip it for a tidy profit, especially if there isn’t another production run.

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