The Grand Tour is Back! Season 3 Premieres With ‘Motown Funk’

What antics will the boys get up to this season, we wonder?

The Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour has premiered the first episode of its third season. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are, for many, some of the best automotive journalists on TV. While the Grand Tour is not quite the same as the original Top Gear, we love the opportunity to watch these three get up to their usual antics.

What to Expect from Season 3

More trips, more shenanigans, more awesome cars. That’s what we expect from season 3, and we’ll see as the season progresses just how that unfolds. There are quite a few other changes coming to the show as well, however, as the Grand Tour Nation website points out.

No More Celebrity Segments

According to Grand Tour Nation the segment ‘Celebrity Face Off’ has been ditched for season 3. This segment threw two stars per episode in a Jaguar F-Type to race around a track. Apparently, people didn’t like the segment much, so it will be gone this season. Fortunately, this leaves more room in each episode to play films of the trio doing what they do best.

A Global Tour

The name Grand Tour implies that the show takes our hosts to a wide variety of exotic locations around the globe. Included in the list of filming locations are places like Colombia, Mongolia, and even the burgeoning streets of… Wait for it… Detroit, Michigan. Exotic, I know.

We are super excited for the new season and hope you are as well. Let us know in the comments what you hope for from this season, and when you get a chance to watch, what you thought of the first episode.

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