Remember That $121,000 Toyota Supra? A Chicago Dealer Is Selling It…For $500,000

Sure, no one may buy it at that price, but that's not the point

Remember that 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo that sold on Bring a Trailer with just 7,100 miles? Watching the auction, we saw this Supra rack up what we thoughts was an insane sale price. Hours before the auction ended, the price sat at $90,000. Already absurdly expensive. But that wasn’t the end.

The final sale price? $121,000. We wondered where the Supra ended up, but it turns out a local Chicago dealership ended up with it. We know that because Chicago Northside Toyota recently posted this listing. Their asking price: Not $121,000. Not $200,000. But a whopping $500,000.

1994 Toyota Supra - Bring a Trailer

Half a million for a Toyota Supra? Yes, that’s obviously crazy, but there may be some method to that madness.

At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Toyota unveiled the brand new, 2020 Mk5 Toyota Supra. As Road & Track and Jalopnik realized, Chicago Northside Toyota will soon be trying to sell those brand new Supras. What better way to get people in the door than with a pristine version of the last generation with an absurd asking price? Frankly, $121,000 is not a bad price for such a compelling marketing campaign.

What if someone actually wanted to buy that Supra? Fortunately, the dealership’s website lists the easy ‘hassle-free’ financing plan. After a paltry $100,000 down-payment, with an 6.9% APR rate, the monthly payment comes out to just $7,902. Bargain, if you ask me.

1994 Toyota Supra - Bring a Trailer
[Photo: Bring a Trailer]

It should be no secret that Mk4 Supras are getting very expensive. You can easily get a clean Supra for well under $100,000. Or, if you’re not particularly keen on heritage, you could buy the new one in a few months, with zero miles, for a starting price just under $50,000. Plus, the new one makes more power, is significantly quicker, and comes with a factory warranty. Surely, there is the crowd of people that doesn’t like the new styling, or lauds the 8-speed automatic transmission.

We want to hear what you think about this half-million dollar Supra, so please drop a comment down below! Stay tuned to for the latest news, views & real-world reviews and more news about the new Supra and its super expensive predecessor.

In the meantime, why not check out one of our videos on the latest-generation Supra. It is certainly making a buzz: