Which Country Builds the Worst Cars? [Video]

What country builds the worst cars?

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It’s question that causes quite a stir within the car enthusiast community: which nation builds the worst cars?

Within the enthusiast community, you’ll find people from all different walks of life. They have different tastes and preferences, which is what makes events like cars and coffee so interesting. The wide diversity and passion surrounding the cars on display is great fun to experience. A lot of people who come to cars and coffee like not only to show their own cars, but engage with the community at-large as well. We all have our opinions about what makes a good car or a bad car. So today, we’re getting the word on the street from a local cars and coffee event here in Colorado. Watch the video above to see some of your burning car questions answered!

Which nation builds the worst cars?
Surely a Pontiac GTO (The Judge) doesn’t come from a country that builds the worst cars…or does it? [Photo: TFLcar]
One of the most contentious questions out there, though, is this: which nation builds the worst cars? Every country has its own distinct automotive heritage. Japan’s car industry rose in the second half of the twentieth century out of the ashes of war. The U.S. pioneered mass production in the automotive industry. Germany has become synonymous with workmanship and solidity and cars. Italy builds cars with a sense of flair and passion that evokes a strong response from anyone who sees a Ferrari or Lamborghini cruising down the road.

At least those are some positives. On the other hand, some may disagree with all those points, and think particular countries, in fact, build the biggest hunks of scrap to over disgrace asphalt. We put the question to you, TFLcar community: who builds them the worst? Do you agree with the folks in the video above, or do you think those nations do build good cars? Let us know in the poll above or the comments below!