The Swedes Are Hitting the 2018 New York Auto Show with the Volvo V60 and XC40 Inscription [News]

Volvo’s turning up to this year’s New York Auto Show with two U.S. debuts – their V60 Wagon and their top-spec XC40 Inscription.

The Swedes are coming! To New York, that is. The 2018 New York Auto Show will feature two new Volvos, as it turns out. Among the rest of the company’s lineup are the Volvo V60 wagon – making it’s U.S. debut after its Stockholm reveal – and the top-of-the-line XC40 Inscription. Both cars are scaled down versions of larger cars in Volvo’s lineup. Here’s what we know about both cars so far:

2019 Volvo V60
[Photo: Volvo]

The V60 bring’s the V90’s stylish design in a smaller package

When we originally covered the V60’s reveal last month, we found it to be an attractive, practical proposition that may strike a chord with buyers who normally buy crossovers. Now, the scaled-down wagon will make its debut on American soil in New York. As with its larger wagon and crossover cousins – the V90 and XC90, respectively – the V60 uses Volvo’s Scalable Platform Architecture. The company invested heavily in the SPA platform as a way to produce similar vehicles of different sizes quickly, to appeal to a wide range of customers. That means the V60 is pretty much a shrunken V90, but it retains a lot of the larger car’s qualities.

As for powertrains, the V60 will be available in T5 form with front-wheel drive and 250 horsepower. Or, if you’re looking for all-wheel drive, there’s the T6 version with 316 horsepower. Both versions’ engines will hook up to an eight-speed automatic transmission. There are rumors the V60 may get a T8 “Twin Engine” variant with 390 horsepower. However, we don’t know yet whether the V60’s getting that powertrain at all, or if it will make its way to U.S. models. For now, if you want that sort of power, you’ll have to spring for the XC60 or XC90.

Exploring Care by Volvo: 2019 Volvo XC40
[Photo: Volvo]

The XC40 Inscription Kicks Things Up a Notch from the R-Design

Volvo’s smallest crossover offering, the XC40, is currently available in two trim levels: Momentum and R-Design. It starts from about $33,200 and rises to over $40,000 depending on which options you specify. However, there’s another rung coming to the XC40 ladder: the Inscription. It’s not a new trim level – as it’s already an option on the XC60 and XC90 – but it does add a bit more luxury to their compact luxury model.

What else do you get with the Inscription? On top of the Momentum’s features, the Inscription adds unique paint colors, as well as skidplates and chrome along the side windows and in the mesh grille. However, the most noticeable feature would be the crystal gear knob and “Driftwood” trim first seen in the XC60. Pricing for the inscription isn’t available at this time, but Volvo will reveal more details at the New York Auto Show during their press conference next week.

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