Audi’s 2017 Sales: TT Drops, Sedans Fall in Favor of Crossovers [News]

Sales of Audi’s TT took a tumble in 2017, as did their sedans.

Crossovers once again dominate the lineup when it comes to setting the sales pace in the U.S. market. On the whole, Audi’s 2017 sales grew by 7.8% year-on-year over 2016, but not without some cost. While every one of Audi’s crossovers flourished this past year, their sedan sales shrunk across the board, with the exception of the A5 (more on that in a moment).

Here are Audi’s winners and losers for December 2017 and the year as a whole:

Audi’s 2017 Sales Winners: A5, crossovers

Interestingly, while sedans are falling out of favor across the board, people seem to love Audi’s mid-size coupe and sportback offering. Sales of the A5 skyrocketed in December 2017. The German brand sold 2,958 examples – a four-fold increase over the 591 sold in December 2016. For the whole year, Audi shifted 21,301 units – a 155.0 percent increase over 2016.

On the crossover side, Audi’s 2017 sales increased across the board. The biggest shaker and mover was their largest offering – the three-row Q7. In December alone, Audi moved 4,838 units, a 47.7% increase over December 2016’s 3,275 units. For the whole of 2017, Audi sold 32,346 Q7s – a 25.5% increase over 2016’s 30,563. The Q5 is still the brand’s largest seller, with 57,640 units sold in 2017 (16.3% increase over 2016’s 49,550 units).

Audi’s 2017 Sales Losers: TT, all cars except the A5

All the way up Audi’s range of coupes and sedans, sales backslid in 2017. Only the relatively new A5 seems to have escaped that fate. The worst off was the A7, which saw a 26.7% sales tumble (to 4,810 units) in 2017. By contract, Audi moved 6,558 A7s in 2016. In December 2017, the range-topping A8 saw the biggest drop, with 266 units sold. Audi sold 266 in 2016.

Audi’s sales reports include S and RS variants of their models. Audi’s most popular sedan – the A4 – held relatively firm. It sold 34,434 units in 2017 to 2016’s 34,687. That’s only a 0.7% drop. However, sales the A3, A7 and A8 all dropped by at least 20%. The A6 fared better – it’s sales only dropped by 12.7%.

The Audi TT also saw a sales slide of 24.6% in 2017 compared to 2016. Not that Audi’s speedster was a volume seller to begin with. Even so, a drop of 3,044 units sold in 2016 to just 2,294 units in 2017 is a significant decrease. In December 2017 alone, Audi moved 237 TTs. That’s just slightly off the pace set in December 2016, where they sold 252.

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