Could These 5 Cars Also See Major Updates In The Near Future? [Part II]

Yesterday, we covered five cars that may see some major updates in their future. Among those cars were the Nissan Versa, which hasn’t really seen much love since 2012, and Toyota’s Prius and Corolla lineups. In our age of technology-laden cars and advanced safety features, innovation is key to staying competitive. Some of the cars on this list still look fresh and carry a fair amount of tech, but ride on aging platforms. As we close in on 2020, what are some other cars that could see some major updates in their future? According to a well-informed TFLcar correspondent, these models could see some major updates soon.

Some, such as the Volvo S60/V60 and the Range Rover Evoque have been spotted testing, which is encouraging!

1) Toyota Land Cruiser

The 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser has been around for ten model years now. Count ’em: one, two, three…well, you get the picture. That’s par for the course for Land Cruisers, as Toyota’s past three generations were revamped about every seven to ten years. That’s not to say that the Land Cruiser doesn’t have a fair amount of tech. Thanks to a couple facelifts, the Land Cruiser has a plethora of safety features, an eight-speed transmission coupled to its 5.7-liter 3UR-FE V8, and exceptional off-road ability. You’d expect as much, with this Land Cruiser starting around $85,000. Toyota calls this a “timeless” icon, and that’s not too far off the mark, considering how long the current generation has been around. However, given historical precedent, we may see a major overhaul very soon.

Could These 5 Cars Also See Major Updates In Their Future?

2) BMW 3 Series

The 6th-generation F30 BMW 3 Series launched in 2012, replacing the previous E90 generation. BMW squared this one off a bit compared to the previous model’s curvaceous form. They made a major shift with the F90, as they spun off the coupe version to create the 4 Series. After that, they introduced the F34 GT model. BMW did update this car in 2015 for the 2016 model year. However, given that it’s already been a couple years since that facelift, we may see an all-new 3 Series emerge soon as a 2019 model.

Could These 5 Cars Also See Major Updates In Their Future?

3) BMW X5

Another brand icon BMW may update in the near future is its venerated X5 model. The current F15 generation emerged as a 2014 model, but hasn’t changed too much since. Spartanburg has pumped out the same models with the same powertrains since 2013, so its about time for a new version. Fortunately, those of you wanting a new X5 may have your wish granted very soon, as media outlets have spotted a new model out testing recently.

Could These 5 Cars Also See Major Updates In Their Future?

4) Range Rover Evoque

Jaguar Land Rover, under the wing of Indian automaker Tata Motors, has produced the current-generation Range Rover Evoque since 2011. This entry-level Range Rover has proven successful, but its sales have started to drop in the past couple years. The latest update came in 2014, when JLR bestowed the Evoque with a new transmission, more convenience features, and a freshened up appearance. Since Land Rover introduced the Velar and have evolved the full-bore Range Rover for 2018, perhaps the company’s about to revamp this model, as well.

5) Volvo S60/V60

Volvo’s really been on a styling roll these past few years. With the advent of their Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) on the second-generation XC90, the company’s brought almost all their models up-to-date. Almost. There is one holdout at this point – the S60, and its wagon V60 sibling. You can still buy the “old” second generation as a 2018 model. However, Volvo will replace the S60 and V60 using its SPA platform soon, producing the new model at its Ridgeville, South Carolina plant.

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