Aston Martin’s Striking New Vantage: TFLNews Weekly Roundup [Video]

Nik Miles brings you the latest TFL news stories this week. Here are the highlights:

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1) Aston Martin reveals the new Vantage

2018 Aston Martin Vantage - TFLnews Weekly Roundup
[Photo: Aston Martin]
A replacement for the current Vantage has been long overdue, with Aston Martin unveiling the last generation model in 2005. It’s still a remarkably handsome car, but looks quite dated next to its big brother, the all-new DB11. The new Vantage carries a bold new look, and both front and back look incredibly striking. Aston has also upped its performance game by way of a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 that turns out 503 horsepower. With that sort of power, Aston Martin’s “baby” coupe can achieve a not-so-insignificant 195 miles per hour. Zero to 60 comes up in around 3.6 seconds. This new coupe is also a steal against its predecessor, at $150,000. Unfortunately, even if you had the money, you can’t buy one now. They’re all sold out for at least the first year.

2) Infiniti QX50 teasers

TFLnews Weekly Roundup
The new Infiniti QX50 caught testing. [Photo: TFLcar]
Infiniti has teased little more than part of the grille and one headlight for the QX50’s upcoming reveal. We have more, though! Here’s a picture of the new QX50 spotted testing in Mesa, Arizona last month. We’re assuming that Infiniti maybe (read: most likely) will take the wraps off the new QX50 at the LA Auto Show. Infiniti will also be displaying the new QX80, which was unveiled in Dubai early last week.

3) Range Rover is going electric

TFLnews Weekly Roundup
Range Rover is jumping on the electrification bandwagon with the Range Rover PHEV. [Photo: Land Rover]
Land Rover is revamping the normal Range Rover for 2018. New changes there include the grille, headlamps, and some interior tweaks. However, a more interesting story is Range Rover’s plug-in hybrid model. Land Rover announced this new plug-in variant last month, but LA is where they’ll actually roll out their plans for electrification.

4) Mercedes-Benz revealing new CLS-class and their first new EV into the U.S. market

TFLnews Weekly Roundup
Mercedes-Benz teases its new CLS-Class [Photo: Mercedes-Benz]
In ordinary car news, Mercedes-Benz has teased a new version of the CLS-Class. It’s been long due for a replacement, as the current generation first went into production in 2011.

In EV news, we’re expecting to see another evocation of the EQ Concept, in some form, at the LA Auto Show. Mercedes has invested $1 billion in its Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant to bring EVs to the U.S. market. They’ve also teased the high-performance “EQ Power” variant of the AMG GT earlier this year.

5) The Mini is also going electric

MINI Electric Concept Car
MINI is unveiling an electric variant at the 2017 LA Auto Show. [Photo: MINI]
The electric car news keeps piling up, as MINI is also planning to unveil an electric variant at the LA Auto Show. It’s likely to use components from the BMW i3 – seeing as BMW is MINI’s parent company – and will hit 0-60 in 7.5 seconds. It will also get a range of around 190 pure-electric miles, similar to the specs of the i3. The electric Mini should arrive in 2019.

6) Mazda’s going turbo with the next Mazda 6

The Mazda6 is being revamped for the third time in 5 model years, including a turbocharged heart transplant. [Photo: Mazda]
Mazda’s taking a knife to the Mazda6 again. This nip and tuck update includes a new grille as well as other subtle exterior changes. Most importantly is the sedan’s new heart – the new model will have a turbocharged engine.

7) JL Wrangler Teased, Even Though We All Know What It Looks Like

Jeep is getting ready to unveil the new Wrangler JL in Los Angeles. [Photo: Jeep]
By now, you’ve seen spy shot after spy shot and teaser after teaser of the new Wrangler JL. A little while back, Jeep released a video teasing the new model, called “ONE ICON”. It didn’t show the car itself, but it did tease the Wrangler’s signature headlamps and seven-slot grille. Expect to see the Wrangler officially unveiled at the LA Auto Show, despite the fact we know pretty much everything about it already.

8) BMW joins the three-row SUV fray

BMW will be showing off their new three-row X7 at the LA Auto Show. [Photo: BMW]
Finally, BMW is bringing their new three-row X7 to the LA Auto Show. This gargantuan SUV will sit atop BMW’s range, ahead of its venerable X5 model. BMW revealed the X7 back in September, but LA will be the SUV’s first showing stateside. The X7 should be built alongside all their other X models at the Spartanburg, South Carolina plant.

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