Create Your Own Video Ad, Sell Car for 50 Times its Value

A viral video ad on YouTube shows just how far some creativity can get you when you need to sell a car.

Last week an eBay seller created a high-quality video of his girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord to help sell the car. In short order, the cinematic video with professional production values went viral, was featured on several automotive blogs, and became the feel-good topic of the day by several TV news stations. Sadly, the listing was taken down by eBay’s fraud department because they weren’t aware of the video’s rising popularity and didn’t believe the current bid of over $150,000 for the 21-year-old sedan was real.

Boooo on eBay!

Nothing to do except start over again. Thus, the seller relisted the family sedan on eBay Sunday night with a starting bid of $499 and seems to be gaining traction. At time of writing, the auction had picked up 57 bids and a bidding price of $3,200.

Since November 2nd, the video has attracted more than 3.9 million views and more than 2,600 comments.

used 1996 honda accord ex coupe for sale
Credit: eBay/Max Lanman

What makes this Accord so special?

The two-door Accord has 141,095 miles on the odometer and with its second owner. The Accord’s seller states the coupe has a clean title. The seller also properly maintained the car, and holds records to prove it. Seller notes that “Greenie” is a treasure. The original paint is in fantastic shape save for a few cosmetic dings. Drives like a dream. Leather seats are in great condition.”

Bug shield, rubber duckies, and tape converter included. Not included are the cat and coffee maker.

Original retail price for the EX coupe was around $20,000. Average retail price is currently $3,150 according to NADA Guides. One can only guess if bidding will be as frenzied as the previous listing but there is no doubt this decades-old sedan will sell for a heck of a lot more than $499.

In case you are wondering: the lady featured in the ad is an actor. The real owner decided to keep herself off-camera.

Does inserting the Type R turbocharged engine into a family sedan make sense to you? Well, Honda has done just that in the 10th generation 2018 Honda Accord with a variant of the 2.0L turbo I4 and 6-speed manual transmission borrowed from the Civic Type R.