Toyota 4Runner vs Jeep Grand Cherokee: Best Off-Road Worthy SUV Under $40K [Ask TFL]

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We get a ton of questions emailed to us at We are definitely a good source of knowledge on all things truck, and in this case, all things off-road. However, our readers can sometimes be equally knowledgable and helpful at answering some of the questions we receive. In this case, it is a question about the best off-road worthy SUV.

2015 toyota 4runner trd pro white
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The Question:

This week our question comes from our viewer Grant who is having a hard time deciding which off-road worthy SUV to buy. Grant asks:

I’m currently looking for a SUV that is off-road worthy. I like the Toyota 4Runner’s capability, but like the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s creature comforts.

I have a budget of around $40k, but can’t find an unbiased advisor that can answer my questions. “Car & Driver” likes the Jeep, but Consumer Reports scores it a 54 of 100. Good luck asking a car salesmen.

Maybe you could rank the cars you test drive on an annual basis at the end of the year. This would help us with our buying decision.

Thank you for your time. I really enjoy the channel and wish the TFL-Group the best.

So, what do you? Should he go for the more off-road worthy Toyota 4Runner? Or, should he go for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and enjoy more comfort, while sacrificing some off-road capability? Note, the Trailhawk Grand Cherokee, the most capable off-road Grand Cherokee model, starts at $43K, just over our friend’s budget.

Please drop a comment below to help Grant make a good purchase. If you have a different suggestion, feel free to leave that down below as well!

Thanks again Grant for the great question! Hopefully your peers can give you a good answer. If you have your own questions for us, please send us an email at

Grant also suggested that we do a series on the basics of off-roading. Turns out, we actually have done a two-part series on just that topic! Click below to watch the series: