Rolls Royce ‘Project Cullinan’ Spotted near Pike’s Peak [Spy Photos]

[Photo: Patrick Gifford]
Due to the high elevation, the state of Colorado is a natural testing area for many car manufacturers. Fortunately, our office happens to be located in this state. However, it is not always the case that we are the ones finding the prototype vehicles. Today, these images come from Patrick Gifford, who spotted this Rolls Royce, currently dubbed ‘Project Cullinan’, testing near Pike’s Peak. Special thanks to Patrick for allowing us to use these photos.

The Name

The name ‘Project Cullinan’ is not necessarily the name of the vehicle. Currently, it is simply the name of the project. We don’t know a whole lot about this project from Rolls Royce yet. However, we do know that the name ‘Project Cullinan’ is based off of a diamond that weighed over 3,100 carats.

Yup… It’s a Rolls… [Photo: Patrick Gifford]
The vehicle itself is obviously an SUV. It features the signature look of Rolls Royce’s other vehicles; a long hood with a tall, waterfall style grill that is hard to miss.

Timeline on ‘Project Cullinan’ is still fuzzy, but our best guess is that the SUV will release in the next two to three years. As for price, we think it is fair to estimate a number north of $250,000.

[Photo: Patrick Gifford]
Very special thanks to Patrick Gifford for the photos. If you have any pictures of prototype vehicles testing in the wild, be sure to send them in to

While you wait for more information to develop on ‘Project Cullinan’, why not check out one of our videos on the vehicle that will be the Rolls’ biggest competitor: