Two Dodge Demon’s Duel at MOPAR Mile High Nationals

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon drag race
Demon Duel at Bandimere Raceway in Colorado. [photo: TFL]

Dueling Demons

The Dodge Demon is the most powerful American production cars you can buy. It produces a heart-stopping 840 HP.  The thing goes like a bat out of… where the car gets its namesake. This much is well-known. What’s not so well established is what happens when two of them face off in a drag race. Well, that’s exactly what happened yesterday at the MOPAR Mile High NHRA Nationals at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison Colorado.

Two of MOPAR’s premier drivers, Leah Pritchett and Matt Hagen, squared off in two production Demons which were mechanically identical and unmodified from the factory, save for the removal of the spare tire and accompanying tools to save weight. The synchronized burnouts were spectacular.

Smoking the tires before the race. [photo: TFL]

As for the race, Leah crossed the finish line first. However in a cheeky move by Dodge, their times were not posted. Along with the possibility that the drivers may not have been going all out, this may be because these Demons were not producing the 840 horsepower they would at a lower altitude. Bandimere is about a mile above sea level, and because the atmosphere way up here is only about 82% as dense, even with forced induction, times will be slower than the 9.65 seconds Dodge claims.  During morning test runs, the car’s times were just above or just below 12 seconds.

Earlier in the day, TFL was able to have a look at the Demon driven by Leah Pritchett.

Yep, Dodge put a devil on the engine block. [photo: TFL]


This is what 840-hp crammed into a production Challenger looks like. [photo: TFL]
The Demon’s stripped down interior is built for speed. A passenger seat is an available option from the factory. [photo: TFL]
The Demon’s size 315 tires have one job, to stick. [photo: TFL]
The devil is in the details, literally, on the Dodge Demon. [photo: TFL]

Demon car #0000 belongs to Dick Maxwell. [photo: TFL]
To see Roman take a ride in the jump seat of the Demon at a drag strip earlier this month, check out the TFLcar video below.