Sand, Rocks but no Mud: 2017 Land Rover Discovery Off-Road Review [Video]

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is all new and back to American shores under the Disco nameplate. For those of you not familiar with the car recently in the United States it was known as the Land Rover LR4, but in the rest of the world it has always been the Discovery.

For 2017, Land Rover has complete redesigned the car with the biggest news coming in the form of a new, more rounder and sleek design.  The 2017 Land Discovery now has a striking resemblance to its Land Rover Discovery Sport smaller brother. And just like much of the LJR’s (Land Rover Jaguar) family of cars, the 2017 Land Discovery uses 85 percent aluminum in the body for a much lighter car.

Under the hood are two engine choices. There’s the now familiar 3.0L supercharged six cylinder that produces 340 hp / 332 lb-ft. It is paired to an 8-Speed automatic with paddle shifters. For $2000.00 more you can upgrade to a 3.0 Diesel that produces 254 hp / 443 lb-ft. Land Rover says the Supercharged engine will power the the new Disco from 0-60 MPH in 6.9 seconds and the diesel will sprint the same 0-60 MPH in 7.7 seconds.

The 2017 Land Discovery an tow up to 8,200 lbs.

Prices for a two row base model start at start  $49,990 before destination but it can get much more expensive, the Land Rover Discovery First Edition is a loaded model that goes for around $75,000 and can seat up to 7 people in three rows of electrically powered seats.

This puppy will go on-sale midyear 2017.  Demo units are arriving a dealers at the end of April.  Order are open now.  First batch of Discoveries is already booked,  according to our local Colorado dealer.

I had the opportunity to drive the new 2017 Land Discovery both on road and off-road in sand and over some very big boulders in the off-road review below. You can also watch a walk around with one of the lead designers of the car HERE.

Please let me know what you thing of the new sleeker design of the car in the comments below. Did Land Rover nail the look of the new Disco or it is it too urban chic for a 7 passenger off-roader?