What are the Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2017? Tommy and Charlotte Count them Down on TFLnews #2 [Video]

Super Bowl LI is finally upon us. This game marks the largest, most watched sporting event in the US. So it should go as no surprise that a game with such a large TV audience will naturally garner a lot of attention in the department of advertising. Often, companies will devote disproportionately large amounts of their ad budget just for the super bowl ad. As car enthusiasts, we often pay the most attention to the ads made for certain cars. So, Tommy and Charlotte have taken a look at this years car ads and counted down the Top 5  Super Bowl ads for our viewing pleasure.

Up first is an ad from Honda featuring a plethora of different celebrities. From Tina Fey to Magic Johnson, this ad talks about chasing dreams, and more specifically how the all new Honda CR-V can help you do that. Tommy and Charlotte certainly like the ad, but are not so sure that they like the car as much.

To see the rest of the top 5 Super Bowl ads, and find out which one takes the number 1 spot, be sure to watch the full video!