Take a tour of the Gold Mine Hill off-road test trail [Video]

Gold Mine Hill in Colorado may be beautiful and scenic, but it also offers a lot of challenging obstacles to test vehicles off road.

TFL’s Nathan Adlen and Andre Smirnov gave a guided tour of Gold Mine Hill and what obstacles it presents during a recent TFLnow Behind the Scenes segment. The guys just got done taking a 2017 Nissan Armada up the hill, and the new SUV can be seen tackling some of the obstacles.

The obstacles may seem easy at first, but Nathan and Andre showed that they’re rather challenging.

The three major obstacles they encounter when testing vehicles is a rocky road coming up the hill, a challenging turn and a huge ditch.

Each time they traverse the terrain with one of their test vehicles, Nathan and Andre are able to see many of the old artifacts of the mining operation and even some new curiosities.

Find out what challenges TFL team members face each time they travel on Gold Mine Hill and other interesting facts by watching the complete video above.