Colorado Muddy Off-Road Adventure – DiffLock Ep.15 [Video]

How do two Jeep Wranglers and a Toyota 4Runner do on a muddy trail on the Rainbow Lake side of Caribou, Colorado?

TFL’s Tommy Mica and his friends, Matt and Alex, found out recently as their took their off road rides on the trail during the recent Difflock adventure.

They took their vehicles through mud, dirt and other grime, testing their limits to see how they’d do.

Tommy’s Jeep doesn’t have a lift on it, making its ride height lower than the others, but his had skid plates on it to protect the underside. However, Alex’s Jeep and Matt’s 4Runner have a lifts installed to improve ground clearance.

The first challenge they came across was driving through a muddy puddle. Before they drove through, the guys wanted to check to see how deep the hole was to ensure it was safe to travel through.

After deciding whether to use a stick or a friend as a measuring device, the guys decided it’s better to keep a friend and use a stick.

The next challenge they faced was driving through a rather large mud hole that had a hill at one end. The guys saw evidence of a previous casualty in the form of a mud-caked, torn-off muffler off to the side of the road.

Were they able to get through the mud puddle and mud hole challenges unscathed? Or, did some succumb to the off-road graveyard? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.