TFLcar Top Tip #2: Don’t Let Your Gas Cap Hang [Video]

TFLcar Top Tip #2: Don’t Let Your Gas Cap Hang

Losing the gas cap used to be a fairly common event. Most of the time they got left behind at the gas pump after refueling. Where do we put our gas cap so that we don’t lose it? Fortunately, most manufacturers came up with the solution of attaching the cap to the car with a small wire. However, we have realized that letting the gas cap hang on the side of the car can be damaging to the paint around the gas cap. Yet again, car manufacturers have found a solution by placing a small hook or cap holder on the door to the gas cap.

Letting your cap hang of the side of your car could damage the paint from scratches left behind by the swinging cap or it could be damaged by gasoline dripping off of the cap. Either way, why not just take the extra step to help preserve the paint as long as possible by using the gas cap holder provided on almost every modern car available. Check out this week’s TFLcar Top Tip to see some examples of different gas cap holders available on today’s latest cars.

gas cap screenshot