What’s the Fastest Classic Porsche in a Straight Line? [Video]


The week is coming to an end so it’s time for a little fun. We convinced Rennstall Classic Cars to let us race a couple of old Porsche 911s against a more modern Boxster. So let’s get right to it.

1981 911SC

The oldest contestant to participate is a ’81 911SC. The “Super Carrera” came with a fuel-injected 3.0L engine mated to a 5-speed 915 transmission. It was produced from 1978 – 1983 and was the first use of the SC designation since the 356SC. In 1981, horsepower was up to 204, an increase from its predecessor’s 188.

Estimated value: $30,000

1986 930 Turbo

Also known as the 911 Turbo, the 1986 930 Turbo came with an emission-controlled 3.3L engine that made 278 horsepower capable of producing 0-60 mph times in the mid-4 second range, a respectable pace for that time. The 930 Turbo was the premier Porsche of its era and is now one of the most sought after classic Porsches.

Estimated value: $100,000

1997 Boxster

This first-generation Boxster (the 986) is the familiar mid-engine two-seater with the same hood and headlights as the 996. It has a horizontally opposed water-cooled 2.5L 6-cylinder engine good for 201-horsepower. The engine’s flat cylinder configuration combined with its placement in the car gives the Boxster a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution.

Estimated value: $8,000

Watch below to find out which classic Porsche is fastest in a straight line.