Hellcat VS. Drifting: How to Drift a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – Ep.4 [Video]

dodge charger hellcat vs drifting episode 4

One of the easiest drifting techniques to learn is the “power over drifting” technique. It uses a simple concept: If you’re cornering and put enough power on the wheels in a RWD car, the natural tendency of the car is to oversteer.

More horsepower is required if you want to try the power over drifting technique at higher speeds. Trying it with little power requires a skilful driver, who can play with the weight transitions of the car. The more power you have, the easier it gets.

Most cars from the factory are designed with a set amount of understeer — mainly because understeer is more predictable and easier to control. If your car understeers, you should try the power over drifting technique in the rain or snow. It’s very easy to get the car drifting if you use this drifting technique on wet surfaces.

In this episode of Hellcat VS Paul Gerrard, TFLcar’s new expert driver, breaks down how to power slide out of a turn and the mechanics of drifting. Power is king when performing a smokin’ drift through a corner, but having the proper technique is even more valuable.