Jeeps and Java and Articulation – DiffLock Episode 3 [Video]


On the latest episode of the TFLcar series DiffLock, Tommy Mica and his friends Matt and Alex visit Jeeps & Java in Castle Rock, Colorado, to check out all of the modified Jeeps.

They also head to the mountains, where they check out the suspension articulation of their Jeeps – and Matt’s Toyota 4Runner.

While at Jeeps & Java, they check out some of the monster-tired Jeeps at the event, lament the lack of YJ-model Jeep Wranglers, and vote on who has the best wheels on their Jeeps.

In the mountains, the boys check out their suspension articulation to see which one is the best. Tommy’s YJ is mostly stock, including the fender flares and the track bars. Alex’s is a little more modified – the track bars are removed. Matt’s 4Runner has independent front suspension, which is at a disadvantage for front articulation, but the rear articulation is surprising.

After that, they hit the trails and run into a pretty difficult obstacle, thanks to some melting snow. Tommy also finds out a real obstacle to video making – off-road photo ops!

They also check out some Bestop products like a power-operated step and an all-new cargo carrier that’s pretty slick.

Check out the full episode below to see if the boys make it past the slushy snow on the mountain trails: