Non-Profit Dominates Cancer with Compassion and Awesome Jeeps

DC Strong Jeep Wrangler Cancer Response Units
DC Strong’s Cancer Response Units

Michigan-based DC Strong (DC stands for Dominate Cancer) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping childhood cancer patients get through their battle with the terrible disease. To do so, it puts together personalized care packages for the children that tie into each child’s hobbies and dreams with items that relate to what they want to be when they grow up to help keep their eyes focused on the future. The organization also crafts a dream day for each child.

For example, if the child wants to be a race car driver, DC Strong might arrange a track day at the track nearest to the patent’s location. If they have a girl that wants to be a princess, they might put together a ballroom dance party for her.

DC Strong Jeep Wranger Cancer Response Unit

According to Nate Smith, the most important thing the organization does for each patient is provide help and support to the families throughout the entire fight with cancer. It is DC Strong’s mission to follow up with the children and their families to continue to give them days of fun to help take their mind off of the battle.

Smith took his passion for Jeeps and created what are called “Cancer Response Units”. “When the kids see them, not only do they see an awesome ride that gets to escort them to fun places, but they see a symbol of hope and strength rolling up to their doorstep,” Smith says. He goes on to explain that he personally created one of the largest off road events in Michigan, known as “Timber Crawl”, from which 100% of the proceeds benefit DC Strong patients and gives participants a chance to go on custom-made off-road courses built for that one special day of the year.

DC Strong Jeep Wrangler Cancer Response Unit