Chevrolet Corvette Stingray PDR Demo in TFL360 Panoramic Virtual Reality [Video]

chevrolet corvette stingray pdr data: sebring raceway

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray comes with something called Performance Data Recorder (PDR). It’s a nifty tool, developed in partnership with Cosworth, which allows Corvette Stingray and Z06 drivers to record, share and analyze their driving experiences on and off the track. Real-time telemetry data is incorporated with a front-facing camera view and all the information is recorded on an SD card for future reference and sharing.

Four different overlay screens – Tour, Sport, Track, and Performance – are available to customize the graphics and metrics appropriate for the different types of driving. Telemetry metrics of engine speed, rpm, g-force, braking force, steering angle, and lap time, are rendered in real-time on the screen and recorded video. There is even a “valet mode” which can record the actions of the Vette after it leaves your hands.

Analysis of the driver’s technique is done using the Cosworth Toolbox software. Users can analyze their laps in detail and find ways to improve their driving and lap times. The Cosworth Toolbox has the ability to overlay recorded laps with a satellite map of the track for easy comparison. By looking closely at corner traces, vehicle speed, and cornering force, drivers can work on improving their driving consistency and ultimately their lap times.

In this 360 degree panoramic video, Roman and Nathan explore the capabilities of the PDR by reviewing some track sessions that were recorded earlier. Use the navigation button in the upper left corner of the screen video to change the camera viewing angle.