2016 Jaguar F-TYPE R vs 2015 Ford Mustang GT Performance Mashup Review and Drag Race [Video]

2016 jaguar f-type r vs 2015 ford mustang gt

It’s all-wheel drive versus rear-wheel drive. It’s convertible versus fastback. It’s British brawn versus American muscle. Sports car performance comes in many flavors. Today’s video brings together a sophisticated British convertible and an American pony car for a performance mashup that is a lot closer than you might think.

To make it even more interesting, TFL Car brought along IndyCar racer and TFL Car test driver, Justin Wilson, to pilot both the Jaguar F-Type R and Ford Mustang GT around the IMI Motorsports test track. On paper the Jaguar has a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 delivering 550 horsepower through an 8-speed automatic to all four wheels. The Mustang GT has a normally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 sending 435 fiery ponies through a 6-speed manual to the rear wheels.

British Brawn vs American Muscle Performance Mashup
  2016 Jaguar F-TYPE R 2015 Ford Mustang GT
Engine 5.0L supercharged V8 5.0L V8
Power 550 hp @ 6500 rpm 435 hp @ 6500 rpm
Torque 502 lb-ft @ 2500 – 5000 rpm 400 lb-ft @ 4250 rpm
Transmission 8-speed automatic 6-speed manual
Drivetrain Layout all-wheel drive rear-wheel drive
Curb Weight 3,847 lbs. 3,705 lbs.
0-60 mph at 1 mile above sea level 4.44 sec 6.21 sec
Top speed (mph) 186 155 (est.)
Base Price $106,450 $32,300

Comparing the specs for each car, it would seem that the Jaguar F-Type R, with more than a 115 horsepower advantage and all-wheel drive, would pound the Mustang GT into the pavement and take its lunch money. Okay, it might not be a close race. Or is it?

Watch this video and find out how close the Mustang performs against the F-TYPE when it is lapped around the track and if it can retain some if its dignity in a flat-out drag race.