Motor Mountain USA – Montana belt buckle missing!

The Montana Motor Mountain USA commemorative belt buckle, shown here, has gone missing.

It seems as though another Motor Mountain USA belt buckle has disappeared without a trace.

The Montana belt buckle, hidden a few weeks ago by Nathan Adlen right off of the Beartooth Highway, is missing. It could have been taken by someone passing by, or perhaps it got washed away in a rain storm.

If someone out there found it – maybe someone who isn’t familiar with TFLcar but maybe saw the business card and decided to check out the website – please send an email at least saying that the buckle is safe and sound, ideally with a selfie taken with the buckle, or a picture of the buckle itself.  You can also tweet to us @TFLcar, Facebook us at TFLcar, use the #MMUSA, or #MotorMountainUSA hashtag, email, or all of the above.

Whoever finds it can keep it – we at TFL just want to know that it’s been claimed. We won’t use your name or picture if you’re shy.


The coordinates of the hiding place of the Montana belt buckle are N 45 degrees 00.314’ and W 109 degrees 24.568’. The video below will show the exact location.

The Nebraska belt buckle, hidden at Carhenge, is also still missing. If anyone found it, please send in a picture using the contact information above.

Check out the full Montana episode of Motor Mountain Monday in this TFLcar video:

About Motor Mountain USA

Motor Mountain USA (#MMSUA or #MotorMountainUSA) is the latest epic adventure from TFLcar. that takes the epic road trip to a whole new level. TFLcar teamed up with the Jeep Corporation and Turtle Wax for an adventure that will touch all 50 states and reach the highest elevation public roads.

We are talking about driving nearly 30,000 miles across the great nation! Our journey will also reach Alaska and Hawaii. The adventure will be split up into several sections and will take many months to complete.