Smart makes Bold Updates with Duo of City Mobiles [Paris]

smartfor2 (3)
Smart ForFour (Left) Smart ForTwo (Right)

Easily the smallest and perhaps the most recognizable super compact city dwelling car, the Smart, is now releasing the newest versions of the ForTwo and the ForFour at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. These miniature metropolitan rides receive vast upgrades in ride comfort, power, and onboard technology. Perhaps the biggest update is the new exterior look and altered shape. The ForTwo gets a makeover in body shape, with a lower roof line and a slightly wider stance that will give the car the appearance of not being so upright and awkward. In spite of these upgrades these new cars do not lose their classic unmistakable look of the traditional Smart cars. Three different trim levels will be available, and the names alone will make you scratch your head: Passion, Prime and Proxy. The good news is, despite they’re foreign marketed names the three packages will offer buyers a much wider range of selection and options then what previous generation Smart buyers were used to. Some of the neat options include:

  • LED daytime running lights
  • LCD displayed instrument cluster
  • Comprehensive vehicle immobilizer
  • Variable cruise control and electric front windows
Smart ForTwo

The ForTwo and ForFour also get refinements in the drivetrain with options such as an available 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed twinamic dual clutch automatic transmission. Sending the power through either of these two transmissions is a duo of possible 3 cylinder engines. A naturally aspirated version puts out 71 bhp and turbocharged version that makes a generous 90 horsepower. These power figures may seem relatively small, but you have to remember these are some of, if not the lightest cars on the market, making their power to weight ratios actually pretty competitive.

smartfor2 (5)
Smart ForFour (Left) Smart ForTwo (Right)

Prices are expected to start at roughly $17,500 for the Smart ForTwo and $18,750 for the ForFour, however these figures may change once Smart brings the new cars over to the United States.

How do you think the new generation of Smart cars will stack up against its previous generation? Let us know in the comments below if you think Smart made some good moves.

For a peek at the previous generation 2013 Smart ForTwo check out the video below.