Throwback Thursday: Volkswagen Golf TDI vs. Toyota Prius vs. Ford Fiesta MPG Challenge

In this week’s Throwback Thursday, we take a look at something a little different from the normally scheduled programming.

Last week:


This week?

Please contain your excitement.
Exploring a more prudent topic (Efficiency).

In a fun TFLcar challenge, Roman, Nathan and Sara drove a 38 mile loop in the Volkswagen Golf TDI, the Toyota Prius, and the Ford Fiesta to see which vehicle used the least amount of fuel. They filled up their tanks before the test, then drove the predetermined loop at the speed limit. After the test, they filled up again to see which fuel miser was the most efficient.

So, which car won? Check out the video below to find out.

SPOILER ALERT: There may be a very similar challenge occurring in the near future…

Is it  a van or a wagon?
Is it a van or a wagon?
2014 chevrolet cruze
Does anyone hear a coffee pot brewing?

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