GONE TO THE GUILLOTINE – Gone but not forgotten (The Final Chapter)

The Porsche 928 S4 may be the best looking Porsche to date. Why did it go to the guillotine so soon?

In the final installment of Gone to the Guillotine, let us pay our respects to great cars brought to a tragic end.


Gone to the Guillotine: MAZDA RX-8

Mazda emerged from a line of indistinguishable products with the Miata and all-new RX-8. Three doors and Mazdaspeed is all I would need for this quirky sportster. However, it kept true to the flagship sport coupe motif of great performance — at least that’s what the salesman said when I test drove one.



Gone to the Guillotine: PORSCHE 928 S4

One of the most beautiful cars that Porsche has ever produced. From 1971 – 1993, Porsche’s mass-produced, front engine V8 just couldn’t’ keep them in line with the GT Coupes of other German rivals. Many rumors have circulated about a replacement, but the Panamera is all we’ve gotten thus far



Gone to the Guillotine: BITTER SC

I wanted one because none of my friends would have one or even know what it was. End of discussion.




I didn’t actually like these cars for myself. I always thought they would be a cool Dad’s gift to his daughter for college. This is the way to send your Princess to Princeton!


Gone to the Guillotine: FIERO GT

Hey it was built like a Corvette, styled like a Ferrari and powered like a Cavalier. It was a toy car for the working stiff, lively commuter or college kid. Apparently, they had all gotten theirs by 1988, when only 88 people walked out of the dealerships with Fieros of any kind.



Gone to the Guillotine: MERCEDES-BENZ CL (C215)

We are constantly told that to have performance, you must buy one type of car. If you want luxury, you have to buy this or that. Want a well-constructed vehicle, buy yet another. The Mercedes CL (2001-2006) was all that in one car. With all the technology that came with it, even today, it is as contemporary as anything coming out of the factory.




Gne to the Guillotine: LEXUS SC430

Here is a car that I considered to be a looker and was saddened when Lexus pulled the plug on it.  It couldn’t live up to its sales expectations and in 2009, this attractive alternative was trumped by the new Mercedes-Benz SL. Pity, Lexus had a long -term gold mine on its hands.



Gone to the Guillotine: CHEVROLET SSR SS

Sleeper is the word I would use to describe this car. One of the best kept secrets in the industry was introduced a little too late and left us all too soon.



Gone to the Guillotine: FORD  GT

I think this one was discontinued because Ferrari made a deal not to be trounced again. The GT and the (BMW) Mini, in my opinion were the only two cars that did the whole retro this right. Porsche 911 notwithstanding.

Okay, I’m done (for now). Rest in peace. Check out the totally under-appreciated RX-8  (here).