2014 GMC Sierra is the mac-daddy of square

This is the new 2013 GMC Sierra

The all new 2014 GMC Sierra is taking a different route, one that sticks to a similar recipe of the old model rather than changing into something unrecognizable. Unlike Ford and Ram, GMC is keeping a majority of the 2014 GMC Sierra simple. One place where the change is most notable is under the hood.

Three direct injected engines will be available. The 4.3-liter V6, 5.3-liter V8 and top-dog 6.2-liter V8 will be more powerful, efficient and greener than the engines they replace. Unfortunately, General Motors has yet to release real numbers, but I expect them to be competitive. These engines are aluminum, have cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing.

GM is adding a new exhaust system that will tune the sound of the exhaust.

A six-speed automatic transmission is the only transmission available. This transmission can automatically detect a down-hill grade and is able to automatically down-shift. A column-mounted gear leaver is the only configuration available.

Two new rear ends are available to handle the increase in torque.

Three box lengths will be available including a six-foot, five-inch bed for the Crew-cab. An interesting note is that GM is opting for forward hinged rear doors on the extended cab, replacing the rear hinged doors of the previous model. This should help egress and ingress in tight spaces.

Crew-cab, extended-cab and regular cab all benefit from a new roof design that wraps over the doors rather than being integrated with them. This creates a more aerodynamic surface and a quieter cabin. It also makes the can look smaller than some of the competition.

The new suspension setup on the 2013 GMC Sierra is the same setup as the last model. Coils in the front and leafs in the back, it’s the same basic design – with the exception of the stiffness which will increase by over 20%.  Rancho monotube dampers will be available for the Z71 package.

According to GM, the interior is all new and will be their best yet; which isn’t hard to imagine. The good news is there’s an available eight-inch screen, nicer looking materials and more rear legroom. Add to that more power outlets, better materials and higher level electronics (including IntelliLink) are offered. It is a nice looking interior – that’s for sure.

The exterior is as square as you can possibly be in this segment. That’s not criticism, I like the look quite a bit, but you have to admit it’s as square as book. The fender arches look great and I like the bold, new front end. It looks mean and that’s exactly what GM wants to hear.

All in all, the 2014 GMC Sierra looks modern enough to say it’s a new truck while retaining everything it needs to remain a ubiquitous GMC.