Colorado Off-Road Ghost Town Fall Adventure

Off-road in the Colorado Rockies.

When the leaves turn Gold in Colorado, and the frost whips through the Rocky Mountains….that’s the perfect time to explore the road less taken. The off-road trails of the Rockies beckons.

In this video we drive some the best most off-road worthy vehicles, and the newest crossovers through the Rocky Mountains to the old ghost town of Caribu, CO. This abandon town is located near Nederland, CO and is about 45-minutes away from Boulder, CO. It now connects several ORV trails that wind through some of the most striking vistas in the state.

The Rocky Mountain Automotive Press association holds events that include driving though the majestic Rocky Mountains. They represent journalists that write for various outlets in the Rocky Mountain region (and beyond) and hold these events to get them in to some of the newest vehicles. In this case, they got to have an off-road adventure in vehicles that rarely are taken off-road.

The old mining roads that make up the local trials are perfect for the Jeep Wrangler, the Nissan Xterra, and even the new Hyundai Santa Fe that are just a few on the cars and pickup that we drive through the shimmering leaves of the Aspen Trees in this Colorado Off-Road Ghost Town Adventure.