Video: Watch Top Gear Season 18 Episode 1 as the boys test the McLaren vs Noble vs Aventador


BBC’s Top Gear is back for 2012 and in this Episode 1 of Series 18 Jeremy, Richard and James test the new McLaren MP4-12C, versus a Noble 6000, versus the new Lamborghini Aventador.

They meet up in the Southern Italian town of Nardo, and James brings the McLaren MP4-12C and Richard brings the Noble 6000 while Jeremy shows up in the new Lamborghini Aventador.

In the first Challenge the Top Gear boys head to an oval test track in Italy to see which car is fastest. In other words…they must test the Top Speed of each of these crazy fast supercars.

So which car is the fastest?

You’ll be surprised…but why should we tell you when you can watch the latest Top Gear episode via the web.

As always you can watch the first part of the latest episode below, and enjoy all the BMW fun early before the BBC airs in America. But hurry up and watch it before it gets pulled.

Top gear season 18 episode 1

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