President Barack Obama’s Chrysler 300C doesn’t sell for $1 Million on EBay

Obama_carBack in 2008 when President Barack Obama was running for his first term of office he was driving in style in this 2005 HEMI-powered Chrysler 300C. But of course you can’t be a Democrat running for President of the United States on a platform of energy independence and at the same time drive a big-ass HEMI-Powered Chrysler.

At least so the thinking went at the time.

So candidate Obama traded his politically incorrect Chrysler 300C for a much more politically correct Ford Escape Hybrid.

Fast forward to this week and the President’s former Chrysler 300C is on EBay for a cool $1 million USD.

But alas while both the Chrysler 300C and the President may be cool in the eyes of some, the asking price of the 300C was a bit too hot as the EBay listing expired last night with no buyers.

But don’t fret…if you think you’ve missed your chance to own a presidential ride. The car has been re-listed HERE on EBay and the price is…?


You guessed it. $1 million dollars…again.

The EBay listing says,

Also, please understand that the $1 million dollar starting price is not a joke:

** The President of Iran’s ancient Peugeot fetched £1.5million at auction – only because it belonged to Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad drove the 1977 white sedan when he was the mayor of Tehran and put it up for sale on an auction site last year

** A light-blue 1975 Ford Escort GL once owned by Pope John Paul II sold for $690,000 to a Houston multimillionaire who put it in a museum.

** The current Pope Benedict’s 1999 VW sold for $244,000 and he probably never drove it (as he did not have a drivers’ license as a Cardinal, he had a driver)

** Plus, being from Chicago, we have seen someone pay $113,000 for the “Bartman baseball” that (supposedly) kept the hapless Chicago Cubs from reaching the World Series in 2003 – just to blow up the ball as a publicity stunt (probably to try and break the Cubs’ curse). (No, hasn’t helped yet……)

** Marc Ecko paid $752,467 in the bidding war for Bonds’ 756th home-run ball.

So there….

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