Would you pay $746,762 for a new Lamborghini Aventador?


If you live in America the price for Lamborghini’s new 700 HP supercar is a mere $387,000 but if you live in India expect to pay $746,762.

Lamborghini has just announced that like in THIS recent India Ferrari story, it is also bringing the new Aventador LP 700-4 model to India.

Lamborghini launched the Aventador earlier this year at the Geneva Auto Show (see below) and now has already 1,500 orders for the supercar which means that potential customers have to wait up to 18 months for their dream car.

According to the company, it has already sold 20 LP 560-4 and Murcielago models in India, which is twice as many as last year.

Lamborghini, like Ferrari, is betting on a rising demand for super luxury sports cars in India as the countries super rich look for new ways to spend their money.

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