Busted: Chrysler assembly plant workers caught drinking and smoking on video over lunch again


As you may recall from THIS story it was just about 10 months ago that a Detroit Fox news TV station busted a group of Chrysler employees partying, smoking weed, and drinking over their lunch break.

In total 13 Chrysler employees were fired over the incident and the company suffered a significant public relations black eye over the fallout.

Today it’s the same story but a different assembly plant. This time the same Detroit Fox News station went to the parking lot of the local UAW hall near the Jefferson North Plant in Detroit at busted more Chrysler workers drinking and smoking on their lunch break, and even before their shift.

The new station says it got the news tip from other workers at the Chrysler plant who were afraid of working with drunk and unsafe employees.

Scott Garberding, the automaker’s Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, says, “The employees that we identify, as soon as we understand who they are, will be suspended indefinitely without pay and anybody else involved will be dealt with swiftly. It’s very frustrating to us, we take it very seriously.”

You can watch the entire news report below.


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