Do supermodels in bikinis sell supercars? Lexus certainly thinks so in this video


When you think about it it’s really a simple question, “Do supermodels in bikinis sell supercars?”

Lexus certainly thinks so because they made the commercial below for their L-FA supercar.

Dutch supermodel Rianne Ten Hakenfrom Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue fame and sporting a bright yellow bikini, is the half naked target as Rhys Millen, of race car driving fame” drifts the bright yellow 552-HP, V10 Japanese LF-A supercar around Haken.

Perhaps the best moment of the video “making of video” below is when the director yells at the supermodel, “Do not be afraid of the car!”

She replies, “Thanks God I didn’t really see how close it got to me.”

We hope that she was referring to the LF-A.

Anyway check out the video for yourself. And BTW, yes we also believe that supermodels sell supercars.

Why? We published this video after all.

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