In 2010 the Top Ten global car makers that sold the most cars were….


Toyota is still # 1 and sold the most around the globe in 2010.

But the top 10 list was shaken up in last year with Hyundai/Kia outselling Ford and taking the fourth spot on the Top Ten List.

So if you are wondering what car maker sold the most cars in 2010. Here’s the list and how many cars (that would be units) the Top Ten Global car makers sold last year.

1) Toyota: 8.42 million

2) General Motors: 8.39 million

3) Volkswagen AG: 7.14 million

4) Hyundai Kia: 5.74 million

5) Ford Motor: 5.31 million

6) Nissan: 4.08 million

7) Peugeot: 3.6 million

8) Honda: 3.56 million

9) Renault: 2.62 million

10) Suzuki: 2.54 million

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